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Cloud Telecom delivers SMS services to the professional market, enabling them to communicate with their customers and business partners in a quick, secure and simple way. SMS is the fastest way to send messages, PIN Codes, Alerts and for marketing and sales.
Our services include SMS Bulk (Outbound), SMS two-way (Inbound).
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SMS Gateway With direct access to our APIs you get accessing to sending Bulk SMS, nationally and internationally. We cover over 800 mobile networks with more than 4 billion subscribers. Via our SMS Gateway and our APIs you can access and use the following services:

SMS Bulk (Outbound SMS)
This service is used for sending mass SMS messages to consumers - also known as A2P SMS.
The service can of course also be used for smaller volumes and to send a single message.
Here are some of the features and services we provide:

• Delivery Report
• Unicode
• Security
• One-time password (OTP)
• Long messages (160+ characters)
• Dynamic real time routing
• Dynamic Sender (maximum 11 characters)
• Flash SMS
• Number portability (we know which operator your customer belongs to)
• Local Time stamp (time zone of the recipient)
• Advances error codes

SMS 2-way (Inbound SMS)
Send and receive messages via a short number or a Virtual Mobile Numbers (also called longnumbers) The service can be provided in over 34 countries and works both for SMS and voice*. Services included:
• All services for SMS Bulk +
• Short Code (4 or 5 digits), Norway only
• Virtual Mobile Number (34 countries covered)
• International long numbers
*Voice on request, and price quote.

Mobile Payment - MobiPay

We provide payment services through our MobiPay solution in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Pay for goods and services via your mobile bill. We also provide services for donating money to charities and societies. SMS Payment service gives your customers an easy way to pay for the goods and services they buy. Unlike when paying by credit card will most transactions could be carried out with 2-3 keystroke!

Mobile Payment is a trend that is quickly catching up with customers. The advanced mobile currently in existence enable users not only to browse the Internet and communicate with their social network contacts while on the go, but also to make purchases and make payments for the same via the mobile channel; without them having to use cash or credit cards. Implementing a mobile payment system does not require much infrastructure or technical knowhow and is relatively inexpensive and trouble-free for business to Business (B2B).

Loyalty Programs One of the biggest advantages of setting up a mobile payment system is that it enables companies to seamlessly integrate loyalty and incentive programs into itself. Every time a customer makes a purchase or payment via their smartphone or tablet, the information is stored inside the application. This does away with the need for users to manually keep track their purchases, reward points, coupons and so on; thereby adding value for end-users; encouraging them to make purchases more often.

Mobile payments are fast and hence, speed up the entire checkout process for customers. Being much faster and hassle-free as compared to traditional and credit card payment systems, it helps customers complete their payment within just a few moments. This helps enhance user experience; thereby encouraging them to return for more. Having this system in place also helps companies serve more customers in a more efficient manner; especially during peak working hours. (Source:


Why choosing Cloud Telecom as your Partner for SMS payment services?
In order to offer payment services that are charged via the buyer's mobile subscriptions you need an appointment, and a technical integration, with all mobile operators in the country you will be offering such services. In Cloud Telecom we have employees with over 15 years experience in providing and to customize these services to the business market and we have the necessary agreements required for this. This means that you who want to offer such services only need to integrate your solution to our "Payment API" on our platform, and you will have access to all payment services and thus also the opportunities this gives you and your customers. It could not be easier, for you!

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Mobile Voice and Data

Cloud Telecom's voice solutions consists of Skype for Enterprises (Lync) with telephony (mobile and SIP). The service is cloud-based, meaning that we safeguard all operation and upgrades. We Also deliver a text-to-speech and IVR solutions. Send your message to us and we deliver it as a high-quality voice message. With IVR will also anyone who calls you get answers and there is an end to queuing. Skype for Enterprise (Lync) with telephony communication service that gives you many options on your PC, tablet and the mobile, where you can easily communicate and collaborate via instant messaging, video, voice, sharing screen, applications and presentations. You also display availability status to all your contacts. In addition to integrated telephony has all gathered in one single client. The solution also integrates with existing corporate telephony system **.
Sample some of the features of the solution:

• Status of availability (of PC, Mobile and Lync calls)
• Instant Message
• Communication Log
• Conference via web, mobile, telephone, video
• Desktop Sharing and documents
• User to User Communication
• Invitation to conference
• Search up internal users
• Remote Office opportunities
• Phone via SIP

* The solution is provided by and in cooperation with our partner Phonect AS.
** Optional service

M2M and IoT
We also supply SIM cards that give our customers the ability to let devices anywhere on the globe to communicate with one or more central systems. This can be fleet management of trucks, tracking containers on vehicle and boat, remote monitoring and control of light in the office, in your home or at the cottage.
"Internet of Things- IoT", is something most people talk about as one of the major growth areas for mobile data traffic and there are basically no limits to what it is possible to achieve. Cloud Telecom works with its suppliers, SIM card that gives your solution the ability to communicate in an easy, inexpensive and safe way. We can provide global solutions at competitive prices!
Please contact us for a chat about the possibilities inherent in this for you and your customers.

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing “Mobile First” is a new buzzword, but more and more enterprises and businesses understand that this is not only a buzzword! It´s soon the only way to be found on the Internet.

You can click this link: =>Marketing&Mobile<=, to read more about Mobile Marketing on our mobile marketing websites.

Is´s a fact that only 1 of 4 businesses has a web site that is responsive. That means the content can be difficult to read for the buyer when accessing your website with their smartphone, hence they will not buy the product or service from you!

Did you know that in Norway:
- 79% of the mobile phones are “smartphones”
- 85% of the Norwegians are using their smartphone to search for goods and services before they buy it
- more than 80% are positive for Mobile Marketing on their smartphone

If you do not position your company on the mobile media and mobile customized web pages, you will get problems in the coming years. Whenever more of the traffic comes from mobile, you should make sure your websites adapted to this use pattern.
With our tools and platform you can build your “Next-Generation” web sites and also build Mobile Campaigns in minutes. Our tool is based on “drag and drop”, which make it easy and you don´t have to be a developer to build great Mobile Campaigns. Using our services you can be sure that your new Mobile Websites will work on ALL smartphones.
If you prefer we can create everything for you, whether it is a complete website, a mobile website or a campaign. We are here to help you!
Some of the tools and modules we offer are:

- Mobile Marketing CMS solution
- Mobile Wallet Loyalty Program, e-coupons
- Wi-Fi Marketing
- SMS and MMS services for the distribution and marketing
- Mobile payment - SMS payment and credit card
- QR Codes
- IBeacons
- Mobile App Builder - Create your own Apps
- Statistics and analysis of all campaigns, in terms of distribution and answers/feedback
- Integration with your company's CRM system
Is your website mobile customized? Want to sell more?
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You can also click on this link: => marketing & mobile <=, to read more about Mobile Marketing on our mobile marketing websites.

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