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Our API's are built with the newest standards and technology, providing you a secure and robust solution for sending and receiving SMS.
Test our services and our API's before you buy anything from us. This way you can make sure you will get the services and functionality you want in your application.
Our clients will get access directly to 3.line technical support. The support team has senior-technical programming knowledge, and can support you with implenting the services in your application.

Availble API´s


The simplest form for sending and receiving SMS. The API has support for all functions provided by Cloud Telecom. One request per SMS.


Similar to the HTTP API, with the possibility to send multiple SMS per request with unique content per SMS.


Send and receive SMS directly from your MSSQL database. The communication software is installed locally in your own environment.


The industry standard to send and receive SMS. Only recommended if you already have this kind of software.