Prices - Mobile Payment

Direct Carrier Billing* and Premium SMS

The following business models and prices are for Payment Services in Norway and Nordics. For detailed prices in SE/DK/FI, please contact us.
For Norway and Denmark we offer DCB and PSMS, and for Finland and Sweden - PSMS.
There are different business models for different kind of services. Payouts vary from one model to another and country.
See also examples in the price tables below. These are the different business models for goods and services purchased and paid over the mobile invoice in Norway:

Strex Payment - For services not mentioned in the other models, e.g.: Membership Fee or Storage Services
Transport - Bus-tickets, taxi, Parking, Tollroads, etc.
Donation - Allowed for donations to organizations approved by the authorities according to the Tax law § 6-50
Mobile Content Services - For Digital Content Services consumed on a mobile phone, PC etc.
Number Directory Services - Customer asking for directory services and receives an SMS with info.
Alerts - Allowed for alert services where the Customer subscribes to certain alerts sent to the Customer by SMS. For example, a service where the customer subscribes to news alerts sent by SMS from the Merchant.
Voting - Allowed for voting services. For example, a service where the customer sends an SMS with the vote to an SMS short number and receives an SMS with a receipt that the vote has been registered from the Merchant.

Percentage and rates depend on the size of the collected amount from purchase and volume (number of transactions).

* Direct Carrier Billing - DCB also called Direct Operator Billing or Direct Charge.

All prices in the tables below are ex.VAT and including the transaction rates of Strex for Norway. For SE/DK/FI, please contact us. (NB! Strex will invoice for own services and do pay-out for their services direct to Merchant from 1.10.2018). BASIC and PREMIUM models are only for a single country. For two or more, MOBIPAY NORDEN. For further details, please contact us.


EUR 25,-
per month
+ Strex NOK 100

Set-up Fee from EUR 250
(Norway: Cloud Telecom from EUR 150
+ Strex NOK 1000)

1 Campaign/Keyword included
  • Strex Payment - Transport - Media
    7-8% + NOK 0,70
  • Donasjon
    6% + NOK 0,90
  • Automatic Number Directory Service
    12-14% + NOK 0,90
  • Mobile Content Services - Voting - Alert
    26-30% + NOK 0,90
  • SMS
    NOK 0,49 - One -1- SMS is included per purchase


EUR 35,-
per month
+ Strex NOK 100

Set-up Fee from EUR 350
(Norway: Cloud Telecom from EUR 250
+ Strex NOK 1000)

3 Campaigns/Keywords included
  • Strex Payment - Transport - Media
    6-7% + NOK 0,60
  • Donasjon
    5% + NOK 0,80
  • Automatic Number Directory Service
    11-13% + NOK 0,80
  • Mobile Content Services - Voting - Alert
    25-29% + NOK 0,80
  • SMS
    NOK 0,44 - One -1- SMS is included per purchase

mobiPay Nordic

EUR 50,-
per month
Additional county EUR 35
+ Strex NOK 100 for Norway

Set-up Fee from EUR 500
(First County: Cloud Telecom EUR 500
Additional countries EUR 300
+ Norway: Strex NOK 1000)

Campaigns/Keywords TBA
  • Strex Payment - Transport - Media
    5-6% + NOK 0,50
  • Donasjon
    4% + NOK 0,70
  • Automatic Number Directory Service
    10-12% + NOK 0,70
  • Mobile Content Services - Voting - Alert
    24-28% + NOK 0,70
    EUR 0,05/SMS

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